During the Autumn Convention, four experts from the academic and professional world will form the cornerstone of our Academic Programme. These speakers will share their insights stimulate the debate surrounding the Universality of Human Rights in the 21st Century. After each lecture their will be ample time for questions and discussion.

Prof. Anja Mihr, The Hague Institute of Global Justice

Monday October 20th, 10.45 – 12.15, Lecture Hall 2
Professor Anja Mihr from the The Hague institute of Global Justice will be addressing us on the subject of international human rights regimes. She is a political scientist and human rights researcher who has worked all over the world. After the lecture there will be room for a Q&A.

Prof. Marie Bénédicte Dembour, University of Brighton

Monday October 20th, 15.45 – 17.15, Lecture Hall 2
Professor Marie-Bénedicte Dembour is a professor of Law and Anthropology at the University of Brighton, specialising in Human Rights, business ethics & migration, and knowledge exchange. She received a number of awards for her research and she has been invited to deliver lectures all around the world. At the IAPSS Autumn Convention Dembour will talk to us “On Human Rights: Criticisms and Perspectives”. After the lecture there will be room for a Q&A.

For a taste of what she has to offer, check out this video, of the Globalisation lecture she gave in Amsterdam last year.

Prof. Michael Pugh, University of Bradford

Tuesday October 21st, 10.45 – 12.15, Lecture Hall 2
Professor Michael Pugh is, inter alia, a visiting Professor at the Centre for Conflict Studies (CICAM) in Nijmegen, member of an EU COST committee, member of the advisory board of the UN association in the United Kingdom and Research Professor of Peace and Conflict studies in Bradford. He will be addressing the political economy of peacebuilding. This topic highlights the way in which the global system maintains conflict in the ‘periphery’ and the ways in which interventions produce – if at all – states and institutions that conform to a neoliberal standard. His main geographical region of interest is the Balkan region. After the lecture there will be room for a Q&A.

Prof. Marcel Wissenburg, Radboud University Nijmegen

Tuesday October 21st, 15.45 – 17.15, Lecture Hall 2
Marcel Wissenburg is a professor of political theory at the Radboud University Nijmegen. His main research interests cover liberalism, theories of social justice and the interface of political and environmental philosophy. Wissenburg’s lecture at the IAPSS Autumn Convention will be about “the Justification of Human Rights and its Scope”. After the lecture there will be room for a Q&A. For more information on our own professor Wissenburg, you can visit http://www.wissenburg.com.

Prof. Janneke Gerards, Radboud University Nijmegen

Thursday October 23rd, 10.45 – 12.15. Lecture Hall 2
Professor Janneke Gerards is a professor in European Law and head of the department of European and International Law at the Radboud University. She is a member of the editorial board of, inter alia, European Human Rights Cases and the Dutch Journal for Human Rights. Her research focusses on fundamental rights and equal treatment.