Excursion to The Hague

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On Wednesday the 22nd of October we will be visiting the international city for human rights and international justice; The Hague. We will be visiting the International Criminal Court, the Dutch parliament and attend a Masterclass from former UN Special Envoy Jan Pronk. The excursion will be a great contribution to your academic perspective and the discussion on the universality of human rights.

In the morning, we will  depart from Nijmegen per tourbus to The Hague, where we will split up in groups. During the first part of the day, one group will visit the International Criminal Court (ICC). There they will have a presentation on the ICC’s history and cases and visit the tribune of one of the Court’s halls if there is one available. Another group will visit the Dutch parliament “Het Binnenhof”, which exists of the Senate (First Chamber) and the House of Representatives (Second Chamber). A tour guide will lead you through the Dutch historical political centre and allow you to meet a member of parliament, if their agenda allows it. At noon, we will have lunch in the city center of The Hague.

After lunch the other group will head off to the ICC and have a presentation and tour in the Court’s headquarters as well. For a selected group, chosen by lottery, there will be the possibility of attending a Masterclass related to human rights by former UN Special Envoy to Sudan and former Minister Jan Pronk at the International Institute for Social Studies. Afterwards we will have dinner in the city center and return to Nijmegen in the evening. Of course there will also be some free time to spend in the city with your fellow international students.

The excursion will be an exclusive chance to broaden your knowledge on human rights and discover The Hague; the international capital of human rights and international justice.