Study association ismus

Study association ismus provides extracurricular activities for political science students in Nijmegen. Formally established as an independent study association in 2002, it has a short but rich history. The name of Study association ismus derives from the various concepts of political science like socialism, liberalism, Marxism, realism and so on. This meets the preference of political science students to give their own meaning to the concept of ismus, as political science students are characterized by never agreeing upon definitions and meanings.


What does ismus do?

As an association for political science students, it tries to fulfill different goals. ismus provides activities and meetings to improve the relations between political science students. The study association tries to intensify the contacts between students and the teaching staff and seeks to be an addition to curriculum of our political science students. ismus broadens the view of political science students.

The addition ismus provides to the curriculum often consists of lectures on various contemporary topics or lectures of prominent persons in Dutch politics. Former speakers include a lot of political party leaders and even ministers.

Besides an academic addition to the curriculum, ismus also tries to give students an addition to Student Life, with informal meetings, parties and study trips to cities such as Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev, Riga and Morocco.


About the Organization

At the head of study association sits a board, comprised of five members. The board control various committee, comprised of volunteer members. These committees work with the board to provide all members a fun atmosphere with a valuable addition to their studies and student life. The Autumn Convention organising committee is a committee of ismus. ismus cooperates with different study associations in Nijmegen, as well as all political science study associations in the Netherlands. ismus has been a member of IAPSS since 2006.