How To Get To Nijmegen

Haven’t booked your flight yet or already planning your journey from the airport to Nijmegen? Either way, some travel tips might be useful. On this page you’ll find possible arrival airports and several ways to get to Nijmegen with public transportation.


Fortunately, booking a flight to Schiphol Amsterdam (AMS) is not the only possibility to get to Nijmegen. Apart from the biggest international airport of The Netherlands, there are several smaller ones around the country. Some of these airports, such as Eindhoven Airport (EIN), are located even closer to Nijmegen than Schiphol. The third-largest airport of the Netherlands is Rotterdam – The Hague Airport (RTM), located right between Rotterdam – one of the biggest ports in the world, and The Hague – the capital of international law, which we will visit during the AC week. In addition to the Dutch arrival airports,  there are two good options right accross the border in Germany. Since Nijmegen lies close to the Dutch-German border, flying to Weeze Niederrhein (NRN) or Düsseldorf (DUS) might be a perfect possibility. Depending on your airline and departure country, one of the above-mentioned airports should be the most logical option. For instance, long-distance international flights will probably mostly land in Amsterdam or Düsseldorf. Low-budget airlines such as Ryanair and Wizzair, but also Transavia – among others – offer direct flights from several European countries to Eindhoven, Rotterdam – The Hague and Weeze.

Public Transport  

From most of the above-mentioned airports, traveling to Nijmegen by train is recommended. To plan your journey, you can visit this website. Whether you are traveling by train, bus, tram or subway – a so called ‘ov-chipcard’ should be used. This rechargeable chipcard can be bought at most train stations. For more info on the ov-chipcard, visit this website. Don’t panic if this seems complicated: there’s always an information desk at the bigger stations.

If you are traveling by train from another (European) country, France or Germany for instance, train tickets should be bought in advance on this website. For those who are coming from Weeze, bus reservation is required. Of course, taking a cab is always a possibility – but this is generally a lot more expensive.

More information on how to get around in Nijmegen will follow in the conference guide


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