The European Elections and Euroskepticism

EU Le Pen Wilders

Today citizens in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom got to vote for the European Parliament. Two days ago we spoke about the European Coal and Steel Community and the reasons for establishing the European Union. Nowadays however, not everyone seems so happy with this Union. A number of Eurosceptic parties have emerged in Europe and would like for their country to leave the EU (or change the cooperation drastically). For the upcoming election, some eurosceptic parties, like the Dutch PVV and the French FN have even joined forces, and will form a bloc in the European Parliament for the next five years. How will this change the field of European Politics for the next five years? And how will it affect the EU’s human rights record? With most of these parties supporting Russia, and FN candidate and former FN politcal leader Jean Marie Le Pen stating that the immigration issue can be solved with the ebola-virus, might it be that these parties are also skeptic of Universal Human Rights?

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